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Birth Mother Frequently Asked Questions

Adopted ParentsHaving an unplanned pregnancy can be confusing, complicated and even traumatizing. Family Creations wants to help you find answers to your questions and make the right decision for you.

Below are some common questions our birth mothers ask:

  • Can I be involved in choosing the family for my unborn baby?
    Yes! You choose your adoptive couple if you want to. You can spend time with them to get to know them. Many adoptive parents meet for dinner, go to doctor visits together, talk on the telephone and/or write to each other. You can be the one to hand the baby to them at the hospital. Or, you can make your choice without meeting them.
  • How much contact can I have with the family after the birth?
    It is very important to make an adoption plan that is comfortable for both you and the adoptive parents. Many birth mothers receive letters and photos from the adoptive parents on an ongoing basis, some just periodically. Others have phone conversations and a few actually visit one another. Some have no contact at all. It is important to choose adoptive parents whose ideas about ongoing contact are similar to your own.
  • How will I know my baby is with a good family?
    You will know that your baby is with excellent adoptive parent because you choose them, meet them and get to know them. Even if you prefer not to have much contact, your selection will be thoroughly evaluated in an adoption home study process completed by Family Creations. This includes assessments of their marital stability, financial situation, lifestyle, and medical history.
  • What rights does the father of the baby have?
    A birth father may be hesitant about adoption at first, but then realizes that he may not have the time or resources to parent the child. Usually he just needs reassurance that he will not be shut out of the adoption process and can be involved if he chooses. A Family Creations adoption expert is available to speak with him to help guide him through the adoption process.
  • What if I need housing while I’m pregnant?
    Family Creations has our own houses for our birth mothers who have chosen adoption. These locations are safe, secure and protected.
  • What about my medical bills and other expenses while I am pregnant?
    If you need financial assistance, Family Creations will help with your living expenses or other costs that are related to the pregnancy (as allowed by state law). We will help you apply for any public assistance or insurance benefits to which you are entitled during your pregnancy.

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