Private Adoption Agency, Licensed by State of Florida

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Why Choose Family Creations?

Family Creations, Inc. is a private adoption agency, licensed by the State of Florida as a Child-Placing Agency, offering a full compliment of adoption and clinical services for birth mothers in need, and to families who desire to share their love with a special child.

Birth Mother

What makes Family Creations special is that we stand above other adoption agencies by offering:

  • Unlimited counseling and therapy, 24/7 & in perpetuity
  • Personalized attention for birth mothers from the entire staff
  • Case management and wrap-around services
  • Localized services so we are never too far away when you need help
  • Home studies with detailed background check
  • Legal services for all aspects of the adoption
  • Licensed and accredited throughout the State of Florida
  • Clinical expertise for all facets of the adoption process

Our staff members are licensed clinicians or masters level degree and/or extensively experienced. Our on-staff attorney is a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and has legalized hundreds of adoptions. We also advocate for community involvement with activities on various children’s’ boards, and Safe Haven for Newborns.

In addition, our counseling services are like no other. We provide resources, parent education, and family therapies, and we maintain the inherent value we all must place on the family as an institution. Family Creations is dedicated to establishing fundamental needs by providing a foundation to the family.

Our Mission

Family Creations’ staff members believe in building strong families by bringing precious children and loving parents together. Our future depends on our children and the family structures from which they grow. Therefore, Family Creations will not only bring families together… but we will give them a strong foundation on which to build.

Our Purpose

Family Creations’ purpose is to help provide loving and nurturing homes for infants and children. We provide all of our services in a non-judgmental fashion, without prejudice or undue pressure.